COVID-19- Clinic Security Measures


At BCI Clinic, as medical nurses, we believe in the effort that each person take in order to stop the spread of the pandemic and assure the safety of you and others.

Thank you for choosing BCI Clinic as the home for all your cosmetic needs. To keep everyone safe, we ask that you please follow the Covid-19 guidelines which can be found here. Please continue to read OUR Covid-19 security measures for our clinic.


Every station will be cleaned between each guest, your cosmetic nurse or permanent makeup artist will wear a mask and visor, and each piece of equipmemt will be disposed of after each use. We DO NOT recycle ANY equipment here at BCI Clinic, and can assure you that each needle, glove, or other equipment is auto-calved and pre-packaged.


Please Come alone to the Clinic. You cannot be accompanied during your visit.

Please bringing your own mask. Masks are to be worn at ALL TIMES

Hands MUST be sanitized at time of appointment and departure. Touch-less hand sanitizer station will be installed at entry.

Temperature will be taken at arrival for everyone’s safety. Touch-less infrared thermometer will be used.
As we are entitled to a maximum number of customers in the salon at the same time, we ask you to arrive on time rather than arriving in advance.

Walk-ins are accepted.
There will be no waiting areas in the salon, Upon arrival to your appointment please check-in at the front desk. If there is a wait time when you walk in, we ask that you wait in your car.

We also ask that you please limit to what you bring with you, i.e. purse, sunglasses, water, food, etc. 

We ask all appointments be canceled if you have been sick or traveled in the last 14 days.

An additional 15 minutes is allocated for the sanitization of our procedure rooms. If you have any questions regarding our COVID-19 SECURITY GUIDELINES, please give us a call below. 


We look forward to seeing you, stay safe!