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Intralipotherapy refers to fat-dissolving therapy or fat dissolvers. This type of procedure is great if you have unwanted body fat. In order to achieve this, a sodium deoxycholate solution is injected into the fat layer of the skin with a needle (cannula). The fat cells will begin to breakdown and absorb within the body a couple weeks after first session. Scroll down to learn more about fat dissolvers!

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where can fat dissolvers be injected?

Double Chin

A double chin (submental fat) is a common condition tha occurs when a layer of  fat forms below the chin. This can be caused by weight issues, genetics, or age. 

Love Handles

Fat Retention can happen anywhere on the body, but there are certain factors which can contribute to fat retention in the hip (love handles) area such as: hormones, age, sleep deprivation and other conditions like hypothyroidism. Consult with your physician before getting any fat reduction procedure.

Outer Thighs

This condition, also known as saddlebag fat, is found more in women than men but can be hereditary. Hormones like estrogen can increase fat retention in the thigh & abdominal regions.

Inner Thighs

Inner thigh fat can be a stress inducing problem for many people, women and men. This area tends to keep a lot of fat, just like the stomach and arms

Under Arms

Under Arm or Armpit fat can be stubborn to get rid of, especially if you’re a woman. This condition could be from hormonal changes, genetics, poor eating habits, or other conditions like lymphoedema. Please speak with your general practitioner before seeking this procedure.


There are two types of fat retention in the stomach, visceral fat & subcutaneous fat. Thankfully, most fat in the abdomen is the latter of the two. With that being said, this part of the body can be the most problematic for people with weight issues, diabetes, age, and other genetic conditions. Exercise is the first choice, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Book a virtual consultation to see if you’re eligible for fat dissolver.


Most frequent questions and answers regarding fat dissolvers (intralipotherapy)

For optimal results, you will generally go through 2-4 sessions before noticeable changes.

This is solely dependent on the type of lifestyle you have. If you have a high calorie intake or a sedentary lifestyle, you can expect fat cells to regenerate much quicker.

You can expect the pain level of fat dissolvers to be at a moderate level. Of course, everyone has a different threshold of pain, so tolerability may differ between patients. A local anesthetic is applied before the procedure to help alleviate any discomfort.

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