Experience the latest innovation in medical & cosmetic procedures. Whether you deal with hair loss, wrinkles, sun damage, or facial scars, PRP Therapy at BCI Clinic in Ottawa can aid your healing journey.

what is Prp?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is the process of extracting the liquid part of your blood (plasma), along with platelets, and creating a serum, which is injected into an isolated area to accelerate healing processes.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Ottawa Ontario

Benefits Of PRP therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy increases the concentration of growth hormones, which aid healing. Discover the benefits of PRP therapy in our Ottawa clinic below:

facial treatment healing

A PRP facial can help those who have sun damage, wrinkles, or scars. Injecting PRP back into the skin encourages cell rejuvenation, leading to an increase in elastin and collagen production. The result? Tighter, smoother, and fuller-looking skin. PRP therapy can also be used with microneedling (vampire facial) to maximize results.


hair loss

PRP therapy at our Ottawa clinic can help treat baldness in men and hair thinning in women. It can also stimulate hair growth after transplants.



Most frequent questions and answers about PRP & the procedure​

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a cutting-edge medical procedure that harnesses the body’s natural healing abilities to promote cell repair and regeneration.

It begins with getting your blood drawn, similar to a routine lab test. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge machine, which spins vigorously to separate the various components. Platelets and growth factors are isolated from the rest of the blood, creating a concentrated PRP solution.

Once prepared, the PRP is injected into the targeted area, such as the skin or scalp. The platelets stimulate cell repair and tissue generation, enhancing the body’s natural healing process.

PRP therapy is considered a safe, minimally invasive procedure. Since it uses your body’s own blood components, there is minimal chance of allergic reactions or infections. However, as with any medical procedure, risks are possible, and results may vary.

Keep in mind that a qualified and experienced healthcare professional should perform this treatment to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness. It’s also essential to disclose your medical history and any medications you are taking during your consultation so we can assess your suitability for PRP treatment.

PRP therapy is an effective treatment that offers:

  • Natural Results: PRP uses the body’s own resources, reducing the risk of adverse reactions.
  • Customizable Options: Treatments can be tailored to individual needs and injected in targeted areas, ensuring personalized care.
  • Versatility: The uses for PRP span from orthopedics to aesthetics, making it a valuable option for a wide range of health and cosmetic concerns.

These benefits apply to various medical and cosmetic procedures:

  • Hair Restoration: This treatment can combat hair loss and promote growth by increasing the density and thickness of existing hair follicles.
  • Facial Rejuvenation: PRP enhances collagen production and skin elasticity, reducing fine lines and improving skin texture and tone.

A typical PRP treatment session can take 30 to 60 minutes. The exact duration can vary depending on the specific area of concern and the complexity of the procedure. Keep in mind that preparation, including the blood draw and PRP processing, may add some extra time.

The number of PRP treatment sessions needed at our Ottawa clinic varies depending on the specific condition being treated. Typically, a series of one to three sessions spaced several weeks apart is recommended. Book a consultation with our qualified professionals today to better understand how many appointments you’ll require.

PRP treatment has minimal downtime. In most cases, you can resume your regular activities immediately after the procedure. However, there may be some mild discomfort at the injection site, which typically subsides within a few days.

Our PRP therapy in Ottawa is generally well-tolerated and causes minimal discomfort. You may experience a mild pinching or stinging at the injection site, similar to receiving any other type of needle. This feeling is typically brief. We may apply a topical anesthetic or local numbing agent to enhance comfort during the process.

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Our experience Beauty Cosmetic Injectors Clinic was an amazing experience. Extremely professional and we felt confident in their service. Both my daughter and I highly recommend them . Truly outstanding results Gessica is amazing and talks you through the procedure . A really pleasant experience.

Maria G.

Hong & Gessica are both professional and pleasant, they took the time to explain the entire procedure to me. They both work great together as a team and made me feel comfortable the entire time. They made sure my beauty goals were met very naturally. I would highly recommend them and will be going back again.

Leny C.

Had a great experience with Gessica for a microneedling appointment. She came highly recommended to me - she very professional, knowledgeable about skin care and I really enjoyed my treatment. Thanks Gessica, see you for the next appointment!

Tori L.