Morpheus 8

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What is Morpheus 8?

Our Morpheus8 treatment in Ottawa is a revolutionary fractional skin treatment that targets and treats specific areas of the skin. This technology stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of your dermis to unveil a more youthful, radiant appearance.

This popular modular RF (radio frequency) solution targets the layer of fat just beneath the skin. By targeting those deeper tissues, Morpheus8 can reshape certain areas to improve contour and enhance overall appearance.

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What Can You Treat?

Stimulate Collagen

Our Morpheus8 treatments are designed to boost collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis. Using customizable modular tips, we can tailor procedures to target specific facial areas effectively.


Renew Facial Tissue

Morpheus8 focuses on the subdermal layers to reshape collagen and improve the overall appearance of your facial tissue.

Darker SKin Tones

Morpheus8 is an excellent choice for skin and tissue remodelling, with a low risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Our treatments result in minimal to no thermal damage, making them ideal for various skin types, from I to VI.

Skin Irregularities

Dull Texture

Fine Lines

Reduced Collagen

How Does Morpheus 8 Work?

Morpheus8 treatment involves using microneedles to create controlled micro-injuries in specific skin areas. These micro-injuries stimulate collagen production, effectively reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture.

As the microneedles penetrate the skin, they emit heat through radio frequency waves, reaching deeper layers of the skin. This heat energy tightens the underlying fat and skin, leading to a restructuring of deep dermal layers. The result? Smoother appearance, enhanced contours, and reduced sagging, particularly in areas like the chin, jawline, and neck.

Our Morpheus 8 treatment in Ottawa is a versatile treatment that can address cosmetic concerns for the:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Abdomen
  • Bra line
  • Above the knees
  • Inner and outer thighs
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Our experience Beauty Cosmetic Injectors Clinic was an amazing experience. Extremely professional and we felt confident in their service. Both my daughter and I highly recommend them . Truly outstanding results Gessica is amazing and talks you through the procedure . A really pleasant experience.

Maria G.

Hong & Gessica are both professional and pleasant, they took the time to explain the entire procedure to me. They both work great together as a team and made me feel comfortable the entire time. They made sure my beauty goals were met very naturally. I would highly recommend them and will be going back again.

Leny C.

Had a great experience with Gessica for a microneedling appointment. She came highly recommended to me - she very professional, knowledgeable about skin care and I really enjoyed my treatment. Thanks Gessica, see you for the next appointment!

Tori L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about Morpheus 8

Morpheus8 is an innovative treatment that can address a range of concerns, including:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sagging skin
  • Skin texture irregularities
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Cellulite
  • Skin laxity
  • Body contouring

It’s essential to keep in mind that specific results can vary depending on the individual, the treated area, and the number of sessions. To determine whether Morpheus8 suits your unique concerns, consult our qualified professionals at BCI Clinic in Ottawa for a personalized assessment and treatment plan.

Morpheus8 is a safe, well-tolerated cosmetic procedure. It’s a non-surgical treatment, which generally carries less risk. It also involves minimal downtime. Like any cosmetic procedure, side effects are possible, including redness and swelling. These usually resolve within a few days.

Keep in mind that while Morpheus8 is designed to be safe for a range of skin types, it’s still essential to book a consultation with us so we can assess your skin type and condition to ensure the appropriate settings are used.

Morpheus8 offers a range of benefits for individuals interested in non-invasive cosmetic treatments that reveal natural yet enhanced results. Some key advantages include:

  • Improved skin texture 
  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tighter skin
  • Versatility to address various cosmetic concerns
  • Minimal downtime
  • Long-lasting results
  • Non-invasive

Morpheus8 is remarkably versatile and extends beyond facial applications, making it a comprehensive solution for those seeking non-invasive skin rejuvenation and body contouring. This innovative procedure can target various areas of the body, effectively addressing many different cosmetic concerns. Common treatment areas include:

  • Face and neck
  • Chin and jawline
  • Abdomen
  • Bra line
  • Thighs
  • Above the knees
  • Stretch marks

Morpheus8 is suitable for a range of individuals, including:

  • Adults of Various Ages: This treatment is often ideal for individuals concerned about signs of aging, but it can also benefit people of different age groups looking to improve skin texture, firmness, or contour.
  • Different Skin Types: Morpheus8 is safe and effective for skin types ranging from type I to type VI.

Additionally, individuals with sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and cellulite may also be good candidates for this treatment.

The number of Morpheus8 treatments you’ll need can vary depending on individual factors, including your specific concerns, skin type, and treatment goals. In some cases, you may see noticeable improvements after just one session. However, for more significant and long-lasting results, a series of treatments may be recommended.

The time it takes to see results from your Morpheus8 treatment can vary from person to person. Many individuals may see noticeable improvements shortly after their first session, like smoother skin texture or a subtle reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.

Over the weeks and months following treatment, you can expect your results to continue improving. This is because Morpheus8 stimulates collagen production, which is a gradual process. Collagen is essential for skin’s firmness and elasticity, and as it increases, your skin will become tighter, more toned, and youthful-looking.